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July 7, 2020
Face Recognition Thermometer Together With Access Gate
July 7, 2020

Wall Mounted Face Recognition Thermometer


Product Description:

Facial temperature measuring system is an application of the world’s top thermal imaging temperature detection module and a top face recognition algorithm of the Chinese Academy of Sciences development product, Our face recognition thermometer using thermal imaging to detect facial temperature calculation of temperature distribution in whole, greatly improve the human body temperature and fast non-contact screening, At the same time, the cross application of near-infrared livens detection and visible face recognition technology greatly improves livens detection efficiency and face recognition accuracy.


After face recognition AI algorithm and temperature data optimization and calibration, only pedestrian frontal temperature is detected,to ensure the accuracy error of ±0.3°C. The face recognition access control system supports the secondary verification of suspected abnormal body temperature.


Product Feature:

  • 2,000,000 wide dynamic HD camera,8 inch IPS full view HD display, no image drag, no delay.
  • Our face recognition thermometer support standard API (I/O, WG26, WG34, RJ45) interface, can be connected with various business systems.
  • Binocular live face recognition support face mask/hat/glasses recognition.
    The face recognition thermometer with all metal body, IP66 waterproof and dust proof, can be used outdoors.
  • Unique face recognition algorithm, accurate face recognition thermometer, face recognition time is less than 1 s
  • Face recognition thermometer will push real-time local data to achieve cloud management and multi-layer upper-layer applications.
  • Accurate temperature detection in 2 seconds/person.
  • The face recognition access control system supports the secondary verification of suspected abnormal body temperature.
  • Our face recognition thermometer support for multilingual installation packages.
  • Our face recognition thermometer can be used on the wall and table alone or connected with the passing gate.



Each face recognition thermometer is individually packaged with product related accessories. The size of each package is 365mm*230mm*80mm.

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