Non woven machine conical felting needle – Model 15*17*38*3M222
April 23, 2020
Taper Felting Needle-Model 15*17*32*3.5 M332
April 23, 2020

Non woven textile triangular felting needles – Model 15*18*40*3.5 R222

The high-performance shaping tooth of the JOYING’s felting needles can provide the customers with the unique three-dimensional rounding hook tooth.
This kind of hook tooth has two outstanding features: one is the high-performance work efficiency and the other is soft fiber penetration without doing harm to the fiber.
Within all the relevant measurement data about the hook tooth and the features of the hook tooth itself, the hook tooth of the JOYING’s felting needles all has obviously high stability.
The high-performance tooth is applied to the production of non-woven fabric with high quality, such as artificial leather substrate, filter materials, automobile carpet, etc. Working parts are from No. 23 to No. 42.

Open-type Hook Tooth and Its Diagram

Compared with the traditional design of the hook tooth, the open-type hook tooth has many advantages in the productive process of the needled inorganic fiber product (such as glass fiber, ceramic fiber, etc). Firstly, it can ensure the higher needling efficiency; secondly, the first tooth in the open-type hook tooth can drive more fiber to form a loop structure, which is conductive to joint the film coating (such as aluminium coating).

Pinpoint Innovation and Its Diagram

To save the cost of raw materials, more and more non-woven fabric manufacturers begin to use the renewable polyester fiber which, however, contains many impurities and hard nodes. So the pinpoint is easily damaged and split. Then the furcal pinpoint will disorder the fiber, which makes visible littery stripes appear on the surface of the fabric and affects the surface quality of the fabric as a result. In order to solve the problem, JOYING designs the special anti-furcal pinpoint for you.

Conical Needle and Its Diagram

The conical needle researched and developed by JOYING solves the problem of needles broken during the productive process of needled non-woven fabric (especially those of high weight). The conical working part and the spindly pinpoint are conductive to reduce the residence of pin body during needling. Besides, the extended part between the working part and the middle section strengthens the stability of the needling.

Application Fields of the Felting Needle

Shoe materials, filter materials, geotextiles, acoustic insulating materials, leather substrates, paper makers’ felts, automotive interiors, clothing accessories, waste felts, household textiles, etc.

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