Coaxial Breathing Circuit For Ventilator
July 7, 2020
Breathing Circuit For Ventilator
July 7, 2020

Mid Joint Breathing Circuit For Ventilator


Product Description:

The breathing tube is used as a consumable for ventilator, as a channel for anesthetic gas, oxygen and other medical gases to enter the patient’s body. The biggest advantage of our mid joint breathing circuit is separate air in and out in one tube.

Product Feature:

  • Lignt and anti-bending
  • Separate air in and air out in one tube
  • Channel for medical gases ( anesthesia and oxygen) entering into patients
  • ISO standard connector, matched with anesthesia machines
  • The type, length, HMEF, anesthesia mask and volume of the reservoir bag are available for different choices
  • The shelf life for our breathing cricuit is 3 years

Packaging and Delivery: 

Each breathing tube is packaged separately and sterile.

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