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July 7, 2020
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ECG Machine
September 4, 2020

Heart Monitor

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Best Heart Monitor Supplier in China

Freed Industry Trading Ltd is a leading heart monitor supplier. We also offer manufacturing equipment for automobiles, chemicals, Medical Products, engineering, machinery processing, and other industry. Currently, the company has established a fine dealer-supplier relationship with different clients in the automotive parts, powder metallurgy, chemical production, and other industries.

As a professional cardiac monitor supplier, we offer machines with following features:

  • 1″high-resolution (800 × 600) color LCD to display patient’s ECG waveform,
  • respiratory waveform and SpO2 waveform;
  • Multiple interface monitoring by patient monitor, which enables simultaneous monitoring of several ECG
  • waveforms;
  • Real-time monitoring of battery capacity, when the battery power is insufficient, low battery voltage alarm indication will display on LCD screen.
  • Automatic analysis of 20 arrhythmia waveforms and ARR, waveform freezing function and
  • automatic S-T segment measurement and manual analysis;
  • Up to 480 hours statistic data of HR, TEMP, SpO2, RESP and NIBP trends with
  • 6/24/120/480 trend graph analysis function;
  • 100 groups of arrhythmia cases’ data and the corresponding lead, gain and filter mode of
  • ECG;
  • storage and recall of a list of 800 groups of NIBP measurement data, as well as heart rate,

Quality Cardiac Monitor Supplier in China

  • body temperature, respiratory rate and SpO2/pulse rate when the measure of blood pressure is taken;
  • 24 hours of ECG data storage and recall make us a globally accepted cardiac monitor;
  • High precision NIBP measuring module;
  • Special SpO2 measuring device, which ensures the accuracy of SpO2 and pulse rate measures;
  • Visual and audible alarm, recall of alarm events;
  • Flexible high and low alarm limits setting function;
  • As a perfect heart monitor supplier, we provide monitor with Easy to color-code and change the color of the font, background and waveforms if need to be;
  • Resistance against defibrillator and electrosurgical knife interference, detects and filters the
  • pacemaker-generated signals, and high safety level;
  • Able to be used along with cardiac pacemaker;
  • Blood pressure may be measured in the mode of “adult/infant/neonate”, which may be selected via the menu, to better suit the adult, infant and neonatal patient;
  • To maintain our rapport as a quality cardiac Monitor Supplier, we provide Built-in printer (optional) to output waveforms and text;

We at Freed strive to give special emphasis on creating cardiac monitor that are beneficial in creating a smooth and swift treatment channel between professional and patient. We practically implement all tactics to enhance the overall productivity of our client as a responsible cardiac monitor supplier.

If you need a reliable ECG machine, patient monitor, and heart monitor supplier, contact us.

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