Six Breathing Mode Portable Anesthesia Machine
July 7, 2020
Medical Infusion Set With Exhaust Filtration
July 7, 2020

Five Breathing Mode Portable Anesthesia Machine


Product Description:

1.7” TFT LCD screen displays the Ventilation parameters, Alarm information and Oscillogram.

2. High precision flowmeter, instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient.

3. Integrated breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating and keep tidy.

4. Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure limit, adapt to wide range patient.

5. Vaporizer with temperature, pressure, flow compensation and self-lock function, keep safety anytime.

6. Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects.

7. Pressure-time, flow-time oscillogram show in real time.

8.Vital sign monitor and Anesthetic gas monitor are optional.

9. ACGO and fast oxygen supply – Emergency use and revival after operation

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