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July 7, 2020
Children Cartoon Dual Display Finger Pulse Oximeter
July 7, 2020

Adult Dual Display Finger Pulse Oximeter


Product Description:

Oximetry measurement by noninvasive type infrared technology to measure the fingers, toes, ears, this is the place where the most common measurement of blood oxygen.

Oxygen content measurement object more accurate term is blood oxygen saturation, namely, SpO2, and the test results in digital form, main show is the ratio of actual full oxygen saturation under oxygen, usually expressed as a percentage.

Generally expressed as a percentage of the human body is 90 ~ 100% of the Oxygenation, but it can go as low as 60% .  The blood oxygen saturation of the human body depends on many factors, the most important of which is the poor blood supply ability of the patient’s body, and the decrease of the reading value of HbO2.

Our finger pulse oximeter focus on SpO2 technology more than 25 years. It used for your families,for yourself,for health and sports.

Our finger oxygen sensor with excusive APP and blue tooth 4.0 connection.

Packaging and Delivery: 

Each finger oximeter is packaged separately and 150 pcs per carton.

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