Anesthesia Circuit For Anesthesia Machine
July 7, 2020
Wall Mounted Face Recognition Thermometer
July 7, 2020

Accessories For Anesthesia Circuit


Product Description:

The anesthesia tube is mainly suitable for anesthesia machines and can meet various clinical requirements. All our accessories for anesthesia tubes including: reservoir bag, water trap, anesthesia catheter mounts and limbs.

Product Feature:

  • Reservoir bags as the anesthesia tubes’ accessories have four types to choose.
  • Water traps as the anesthesia tubes’ accessories have adult and pediatric to choose.
  • The anesthesia tubes’ accessories with multi functional swivel connector, flexible for suction or bronchoscope inspection.
  • ISO standard connector, matched with anesthesia tubes.
  • The shelf life for our breathing cricuit is 3 years.

Packaging and Delivery: 

All accessories for anesthesia tubes are packaged separately and sterile.

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